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The Past Era...Chapter-IX

Chapter – IX
The night stroll
I must tell you this, that I planned carefully to bring two annoying Gryffindor & Ravenclaw at the wand point of my cousin, to teach them a little lesson. Do not worry about me. I am very clear about my loyalty & my inner true Slyhterin. Sirius can not influence me with his spiteful Gryfffindor self. I won’t disgrace my family.
-Your son Regulus
After writing the letter Regulus stared at it for a couple of minutes.
‘My first step of pretence’ he thought. With a sigh he got up from the chair in his common room & headed towards the owlery in search for Sinnie. It was almost eight o’ clock in the evening. The curfew was about to begin in a couple of minutes. But he took a chance anyway.
He carefully poked his head from the dungeon doorway & quickly checked the surroundings making sure that it was devoid of anyone. He headed towards the narrow passageway that led straight to the entrance hall.
‘I just go to the giant staircase & may be lucky enough to find the shortcut to the owlery’ Regulus thought tentatively.
He started to walk slowly, making as little sound as possible with his each careful footstep. The journey up to the giant staircase was a bit too smooth for him as he didn’t meet the horrible caretaker Filtch or his horrible cat Mrs. Norris & neither faced any teacher during his night time strolling. He let out a sigh of relief & closed the giant wooden door behind him as soon as he reached the giant staircase.
The giant staircase is a broad hallway having a ceiling at the top of it, at the height of the eighth floor. Many stairs were starting from the base of the ground of it. Some are magnificently royal looking, some thin & fragile, some are rope made & interestingly all were moving in there own characteristic way, every now & then. The whole place seemed like a ladder puzzle to Regulus. At the day time when he followed Sirius, he just blindly followed him without paying any attention to the magic of the staircases & when later he led to library, it was like an accidental discovery for him.
‘Oh boy! I wonder which one is the right one’ Regulus was chewing his bottom lip uncertainly.
“Hey! What are you doing here? It is way out of time.” A girl’s voice, no too firm, with a slight touch of kindness rang behind him.
Regulus jumped out & whirled around. The first thing that caught his eyes was the hem of the robe of that person. It was blue in the black background. Relieved about the fact that she was no teacher, Regulus looked up. The next thing he saw was the shiny badge, pinned  neatly across the robe collar of the girl, with a letter ‘P’ was engraved on it.
‘Great! A prefect…that’ll make my night…damn’ Regulus thought bitterly.
“You really shouldn’t wander at this time you know, it’s late & the curfew has already begun.”
Regulus finally looked up to meet her eyes. He was shocked to root to find Bellatrix was standing there.
‘Bellatrix…wait…she’s a Slytherin & the tone is just not like her, it’s too polite & well NORMAL.’ Regulus continued to think aloud without tearing his gaze off her. His expression revealed a mixture of fear, disgust, yet a wonder & an utter confusion.
The girl smiled at him kindly.
“You are Regulus Black right?” The girl asked.
Regulus blinked, not knowing what to say.
The girl seemed to read his thought & took a step towards him.
“I’m not Bellatrix Black, I just resemblance her.” Then after a brief pause, she added, “We haven’t met officially before. I’m Andromeda Black, your cousin.”
Regulus’s eyes widened with surprise & he relaxed a bit. He heard about her from Sirius. Sirius liked her very much & to some extent adored her. He remembered, Sirius told a lot of things about her, in his first summer as a Hogwarts student.
Regulus remembered vividly about that night. It was a wonderful night with a thundering storm roaring outside, bringing a terrible yet a soothing coldness to the burning earth. Regulus always loved thunder storm & rain & was not afraid of the wildness of the nature, quite unlike the general kids.
It was the dead of night. The Black parents were asleep in their perfect bedroom. Regulus often used this time to chat with Sirius about various things, which were considered either indecent or substandard or simply freaky by the rest of the Blacks. Sirius too, eagerly waited for this time the whole day & used this time to chat & play with his little brother in his very own way. Sensing that his parents wouldn’t want him to be even near Regulus, he maintained his distance with him within their eyeshot & earshot. Although, Sirius was quite surprised to find that Regulus didn’t questioned his distant behaviour & played along in that little pretend game quite nicely without Sirius telling him to do so. Sirius thought that Regulus might be told off by their parents during the time Sirius was in Hogwarts & was quite happy to find that they were unable to stop Regulus loving him. Regulus, on the other hand played along as the Christmas scene was still raw to him & he didn’t want a repetition of that.
The door of Regulus’s bedroom opened carefully & an eleven year old Sirius walked in to find Regulus, sitting on the window pane & watching the storm outside.
“Hey bro…Merlin you are freezing…” Sirius unceremoniously crawled up in Regulus’s bed & settled himself on it. Regulus frowned at Sirius & Sirius laughed out.
“You can watch the storm from here too, unless you have an eyesight problem.” Sirius snorted.
Regulus made a face at him but jumped down from window pane & went to join his brother. He opened his mouth to retort back but instead sneezed loudly.
“Oh! Already caught the cold.” Sirius muttered with concern & he unfolded the blanket at the base of the bed & threw it over Regulus & drew him close.
“Better?” He asked as he moved his hand in a soothing circle on the back of his baby brother.
Regulus nodded & sniffed almost immediately.
“You are a magnet to cold…you know this.”
“Uh…oh yep” Regulus smiled sheepishly at his brother.
“I like it, when you take care of me Siri. They just give me foul potions & show disgust if  I…” Regulus trailed off. Sirius tightened his arms across eight years old Regulus.
“You have me.” Sirius’s voice was deep.
“Not always.” Regulus pouted.
“Only a matter of two years & then you’ll be coming with me to Hogwarts too.”
“Two years…” Regulus sniffed again.
“Oh, it will pass just like that…” Sirius snapped his fingers to show his point.
“And you know what…if you ever get sick at Hogwarts, Madam Pomfery will take care of you & I mean it. Not just shove the foul potions down your throat but she will give it to you with proper care & love , a bit too much of love I must say…which sometimes will make you  think of various ways to escape her.” Sirius finished with an amused tone.
Regulus laughed out loud. Sirius was glad to see him laugh.
“So, have you met any of our relatives at Hogwarts? How are they?” Regulus asked.
“Horrible. Except one. Andromeda. She is in Ravenclaw & really a nice person.” Sirius replied.
“Andromeda…who?” Regulus’s brow furrowed  in confusion.
“Oh! You haven’t heard about her. Me neither, until I met her at Hogwarts. She came to me after my sorting & congratulated me for making into…well into Hogwarts & introduced herself.  She is the sister of Narcissa & Bellatrix…the middle one.”
“Making into Hogwarts or Gryffindor?” Regulus enquired.
Sirius hesitated for a bit. Then said “Well, Gryffindor.”
“She seemed nice.” Regulus smiled.
“Yeah” nodded Sirius & smiled back.
“Tell me about her.” Regulus snuggled closer to Sirius’s chest & looked up expectantly at his brother’s eyes.
Sirius chuckled at his little brother’s eagerness & started about Andromeda, the name which was unofficially banned from the ‘Most noble & Ancient house of Black’.
Regulus came down to the present. So he was facing THE Andromeda. A smile broke into his face.
“I know you. I’ve heard a lot about you from Siri, I mean Sirius, my brother.” Regulus said excitedly.
“Aha! I knew it. I am sorry that I couldn’t introduce myself to you earlier. You sorted to Slytherin…” seeing Regulus’s face fell, she added hastily “…I can’t go over Slytherin table without making a scene.”
“Oh!” Regulus’s expression cleared up & he nodded.
“I understand.”
“So, what are you doing here anyway? I know night time strolling is a favourite Sirius thing & I can expect nothing else from his own brother but I had to ask, see, I am a prefect too.” She pointed at her badge apologetically.
Regulus’s face lightened up immediately.
“You think I’ll be like HIM?”
“Yes. I do. You already are, to certain extent. You do look like him, you speak like him too, and well if we just leave the arrogance behind you can be considered as the mirror image of your elder brother. But well, at the time of his first year he wasn’t this arrogant either & at the time of your fourth year I highly doubt whether you’ll remain this polite.” Andromeda finished with a wink.
“But I am Slytherin.”
“I won’t deny, at first, I thought that I found you like the rest of the elegant Blacks but after tonight’s meeting I must admit I am starting to doubt the sorting hat’s decision. You seem like a Gryffindor to me.”
Regulus froze. He didn’t want Andromeda to find out that he indeed tampered the hat during his sorting. Sirius, only Sirius deserved to be the first one to know.
“But I am Slytherin & I am happy about it.” He said with a little too much firmness in his voice.
“Then Slytherin has just gained an excellent young boy.” Andromeda smiled kindly.
“Now tell me what are you up to?”
“Er…well…just wanted to go to owlery. I need to send my letter to mother. She asked me to reply back immediately.” Regulus showed the sealed envelop to Andromeda.
“Oh! Well, if you trust me, you can give it to me, I’ll send it safely without looking.”
Regulus hesitated a bit. He knew that he can trust her.
“Er…okay, but it needs to go tonight.” Regulus held out the letter to her.
“Right. Don’t worry I’ll send it & in future if you want to go to owlery just take the spiral wooden staircase in the middle. It leads to owlery. Okay?”
Regulus nodded smiling at her.
“Come on, I’ll escort you to the dungeon doorway.” Andromeda gave him a gentle shove towards the wooden door of the giant staircase.
As the door creaked open, a boy, who was bent over something on the floor jumped & turned around in alarm.
“Remus!” Andromeda exclaimed in surprise.
It was Remus Lupin indeed & Regulus was glad to see one of his brother’s mates.
“Oh! Meda…you nearly gave me a heart attack.” Remus sighed with relief, clutching his chest.
“What are you doing? Where are the rest of the idiots?”
“Er…” Remus mumbled.
“Another prank…I guess.” Andromeda interrupted.
Remus just nodded stiffly.
“What are you guys up to this time? wait… don’t tell me…I don’t want to know.”
“Wise thought.” Remus murmered.
Andromeda raised an eyebrow & Remus hastily added, “Well, you know, if you know, then you have to be guilty about the fact that you didn’t stop us or gave us in inspite of being a prefect & you are just too kind to give us in, I mean…”
“I exactly know what you did mean Lupin.”
Remus looked at her nervously with an odd apologetic smile plastered in his face. Then he caught sight of Regulus. He looked at her questioningly.
 At a quick glance at Regulus she replied, “Oh! He is with me. Got caught, out of bed. What else can you expect from Siri’s brother?”
“Ah, yeah, nothing less.” Remus smiled broadly now & looking at Regulus He added “…in your second night? Seriously?”
“Yeah Siriusly” Regulus replied making both Remus & Andromeda to chuckle.
“Hey, just shove off  before I change my mind & give you detention Remus.”
Remus looked back at Andromeda.
“Oh I know you’ll never put me in detention & you too, know it just too well.” Remus replied.
“Fine, in that case, I need to rephrase, scram, before somebody else come here & I have to put you in detention.” Andromeda snapped back.
“Good point. See you at morning then…” Then throwing a swift smile in Regulus’s direction he added “See you Regulus.” & headed towards the wooden door behind them.
“Avoid the second corridor, Peeves is in there…” Andromeda yelled behind him, as Remus disappeared inside the giant staircase shouting back a hasty thanks to her.
Regulus reached at the Dungeon doorway with Andromeda.
“Here you go.”
“Bye & thanks for…everything.” Regulus said sincerely.

“Oh you are welcome little cousin. Take care of yourself. Okay?”
Then giving a fleeting hug & kissing his brow Andromeda left. Regulus stood there, feeling happy about everything.
‘She is really nice. Siri was right about her.’ Regulus thought happily. He also noticed that Remus, one of Sirius’s best mates, treated him nicely. He actually agreed with Andromeda that he was like his brother. ‘That means,…’ Regulus thought, ‘…Siri didn’t tell his friends about their afternoon encounter. But why?’ Regulus didn’t understand whether it was a good thing or bad thing. He couldn’t decide whether to be happy or sad about it. True, he liked it but if that meant that Sirius was regretting his action, then he would come to him to comfort him & knowing his brother, Regulus was certain that, if he would decide to come to him, he would do it personally & not by means of letters & certainly Sirius would not care whether Bellatrix or Narcissa or whole bunch of Slimy Slytherin would stand in the scene or not & if one of them would witness Sirius’s niceness towards him, another letter would go to Walburga Black & Sirius would be dragged out of Hogwarts.
 ‘No, I can’t let this happened.’ Regulus thought aloud, with a fierce firmness & determination as he entered Slytherin common room & made his way towards the Boys dormitory.

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The Past era... Chapter-VIII

The letter

‘No not this.’  Thud
‘Nope not this one as well…’ Thud.
‘Nothing’s working…GOD DAMN IT…’ THUD.
“What exactly are you searching for?” Regulus’s head snapped up at the voice to find Rick & Stephanie, standing shoulder to shoulder, facing him.
‘Oh Great…’ thought Regulus bitterly, ‘… just what I want now, Steph alone is scary enough & now she is accompanied by RICK…my first day’s getting better & better.’
Regulus sighed. “Nothing particular…look, I don’t want to sound rude or anything but I’d really appreciate if you two….I mean….. I kinda hope to be left alone now.”
Steph & Rick exchanged a knowing look, which didn’t go unnoticed by Regulus, which made him, if possible, further annoyed.
“Oh! You are allowed to be rude with us you know.” Rick responded in an unaffected voice & without paying the slightest bit of attention both of them settled down, Rick just beside Regulus & Stephanie facing both of them, in a particular sunlit corner, of the ancient Hogwarts library.
Regulus glared at the pair of them but resigned from saying anything, sensing that it would have no effect on the pair of them.
“If something’s bothering you then you can say it. I mean, it will make sense you know & probably will lead towards a solution & certainly would be a smarter move than slamming all those enormous volumes .” Rick pointed on the old dusty books, lay shut on the tables, in front of Regulus.
Regulus suddenly felt angry. He turned to face her.
“Really? Smarter move…WELL…”Regulus raised his voice but quickly put it down, earning a scandalized & rather disapproving glance from Madam Pince, the librarian.
“Well, I think that butting in other people’s business is not always a smart thing either Lewin.”
Rick blinked. The use of her surname, somehow startled her.
“She just wanted to lighten the mood Regulus, nothing personal” Stephanie said in a soft tone as she placed a reassuring hand on Rick’s shoulder but her eyes didn’t left Regulus’s face.
“Anyway, we didn’t see you after you followed your brother, so we got worried when we saw that Sirius returned without you & with a rage. So thought….may be…” Stephanie trailed off. So they are observant at his every move, Regulus thought resentfully.
“But, if you really don’t want us now, we’ll leave…” & Stephanie stood up followed by Rick.
“No…er…no don’t…don’t go…” Regulus mumbled, already ashamed of his sudden outburst.
“I mean…I’m sorry…didn’t mean to.”
Stephanie & Rick sat back.
“So, care to enlighten us?” Stephanie spoke with a slight stern voice.
“It is difficult….complicated…” Regulus struggled for words, as he felt two pairs of eyes were on him expectantly. His inside was telling him that he could trust these two recent mates of him. But still he didn’t know how to put it. Well, he decided he could give an overall idea to them without penetrating into too much details. He took a deep breath & started.
“I went to Sirius for a casual talk, you know. But… turns out… he thinks I sort of trapped you guys & dragged you at Bellatrix Black’s wand point, I know neither of you told you such thing…” he added quickly as soon as he saw Stephanie was about to open her mouth.
“What made him think such foul things?” Stephanie bewildered.
“The old prejudice against Slytherin, or should I say that it is common for anyone to think that kind of thing, if the accused person belong to Slytherin house.”
  “Well, I can’t blame him entirely…” Rick opened her mouth after her uncharacteristic silence for a brief period of time. With a quick glance at Regulus she continued, “Well, I am really surprised at your behaviour though Regulus, it is less like Slytherin. Normally, Slytherins are bound to be snobbish & are well known for treating other houses like dirts.”
Stephanie cocked an eyebrow but Regulus nodded silently.
“Yeah! I know, but the thing is…”
“The thing is that your family, I mean the Black family, entire Black family, with the exception of Sirius, are all Slytherins & believe in Salazar Slytherin’s motto.” Rick interrupted.
Regulus looked at her with slight surprise. “How do you…”
“You are forgetting that I am too, a pure blood, although my parents don’t believe in those things & neither of them was in Slytherin. I grew up hearing words against that particular motto & your family name was used a number of times in that context. So I know.” Rick finished smugly.
“Salazar Slytherin…one of the founders of Hogwarts…after whose name, the Slytherin house was named?” Stephanie exclaimed looking confused.
“What exactly the motto? & why is this sounding like as if there are two types of believers in the wizarding world?” Stephanie looked quizzically to her two friends.
“Because, there are two types of believers Steph.” Rick took a sharp breath.
“You know the four founders of Hogwarts. Well, long time ago, four friends, two powerful witches namely Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and two powerful wizards Godric Gryffindor & Salazar Slytherin decided to pass their knowledge of magic & power to the following generations. So they had made a secret school namely Hogwarts & started recruiting students who had the magical chore inside them.”
“Magical chore?”
“Yes, the one that makes you magical & it doesn’t depend on your parentage or family. It is an independent, individual & unique chore.” Rick continued, “Then at a certain point of time Salazar disagreed with the rest of three & denied to recruit students who came from non magical background.”
“Non magical? Muggles you mean? ”
“Yeah & then this disagreement started, which continued upto now & cracking the wizarding society into two firm sets of believers. The ones, who believe in Salazar’s motto, mainly most of them are Slytherins, believe that only pure bloods are worthy of receiving magical education. They treat the muggles borns & even half bloods as shits you see.” Rick uttered with revulsion.
“But, now a days they don’t mind half bloods that much though, as a certain dark lord named Voldemort…” Rick winced visibly at this name but Regulus ignored her & continued, “…is rising up & claiming himself as the true heir of Slytherin, who happened to be a half blood & want to complete the undone work of Salazar Slytherin” Regulus completed with sarcasm in his voice.
“Undone work?”
“The purification of the Wizarding Society.” Rick said.
Stephanie’s eyes went wide. “Wait, you don’t mean literally…”
“That’s exactly what she meant. LITERALLY by killing or worse owning the rest of them.” Regulus said in a disgusting tone.
“It is rumoured that he has started gathering his followers to fulfill his goal. It is also heard that his followers called themselves death eaters. Rick informed her.
“So if he started to gather his followers….then…someone must do something to resist it”
“Who says that none is doing anything? The ministry of magic is trying to build up resistance against him with the help of the one & only one white wizard the dark one is ever afraid of…ALBUS DUMBLEDORE.” Regulus said with pride & respect in his voice.
“Our headmaster Dumbledore?” Stephanie exclaimed with surprise & excitement.
“Yeah him.” Regulus chuckled at the reaction of Stephanie.
“And Sirius is siding with him against his family…?” Stephanie asked.
Regulus nodded with a sigh.
“So, what is your motto Regulus?”
Regulus turned to face Rick with a look of disbelief in his face. Rick shifted uncomfortably but didn’t lower her gaze.
“I am siding with my brother, Rick.” Regulus replied slowly with a very firm tone.
“Well, had to ask Reg.” A faint smile broke in her face, which she immediately managed to hide but didn’t go completely unnoticed by Stephanie.
“So, if you are siding with him, then he can’t be angry with you, I will make sure that….” Stephanie got interrupted as a magnificent eagle owl zoomed in & settled itself on the table between the three, holding out its leg towards Regulus, to which a sealed envelope was stringed.
“Ah! Sinnie…” Regulus said to the owl. The owl nibbled affectionately on Regulus’s wrist, as he began to untie the envelope from her.
“Sorry girl I don’t have the owl treat, you have to go to owlery if you want some & looks like you need sleep too.” The owl gave an excited hoot & flew towards the owlery.
“Nice owl.” Rick said.
“Yeah …she is Sinnie.” Regulus replied matter-of-factly.
“Sinnie…sun gift….nice ” Stephanie smiled.
Regulus smiled back & started to open the envelop. His face became dark, at the sight of the letter inside it. He started to read silently & his dark face grew darker with a mixture of disgust & horror.
“Reg” Rick called.
“REG…” louder this time.
Regulus slowly looked up, his face was pale. He look straight in the eyes of Stephanie.
“Say nothing to Sirius. Let him think whatever he wants to think.”
Stephanie was taken aback. “What? Why? I mean I understand your anger …”
“No, you don’t…” Regulus snapped at her.
“It’s not even anger…just don’t say it…promise me you won’t…” Regulus’s voice was uncharacteristically harsh. Stephanie looked thoroughly appalled.
“Oh! For Merlin’s sake promise me steph” Regulus practically pleaded.
“I..I won’t…I promise.” Stephanie said with a confused yet assuring voice. Regulus let out a sigh of relief & looked away from her.
“Is the letter from your home?” Rick asked in a slow voice, eyeing Regulus intensely.
Slowly, very slowly Regulus nodded, without meeting her eyes, he handed out the letter to both of his friends. Rick took the letter & started to read, loud enough so that just Stephanie could hear it.

Dear Regulus,
Accept my & your father’s congratulation on being selected in Slytherin house. Although, I could have expected nothing less of you. But this is not the event, for which I am writing to you. Recently, I’ve came to know a disturbing news that you are being friendly with Gryffindors & I am worried that whether it is an influence of our biggest fault namely Sirius Black on you. I am not approved of the fact that you, our only son is risking his family reputation & royalty by rubbing shoulders with indecent breeds. Choose your friend right & proper. You are always welcome to take advices from Cissy & Bella, who are concerened about you & owled me to inform about your behaviour.
If you are afraid of Sirius & doing this in fear, of which I am pretty much sure about, just send me your words & I’ll drag him out of Hogwarts & out of your life.
-Your mother
Walburga Black
(Pure Royal Bloodline)
Owner of the most ancient & noble house of Black

“Her only son?” Stephanie said blankly.
“Indecent breeds?” Rick wrinkled her nose in disgust.
Regulus said nothing.
“So, what are you going to do?” Rick asked.
“I don’t want any furth….I mean, any harm to Sirius. He is happy here. He has got nice friends.”
Stephanie nodded at the last sentence.
“So what are your plans?” Rick asked again.
“Well, I don’t want my mother suspects me & looks like I’ve got two pair of disgusting Slytherin eyes on me, spying all the time.”
“So, you are going to be a true Slytherin & severe ties with us and…”
“I’ll PRETEND to be a one. There is a difference.” Regulus looked at Rick sternly.
“But, that’d be difficult.” Rick continued in a deep rational tone, “…taking the fact that we can’t chat openly, can’t even throw friendly gestures at each other & not to mention you are expected to bully us...”
“We will find a way.” Regulus stated determinedly.
“How? Not every time the library will remain mercifully empty like that of today or not every day we have free periods after lunch, like the first day &  besides, if we are not supposed to meet each other after today then how WE will find a way?” Rick smirked slightly.
“We will owl each other, not Sinnie all the time though, it will look suspicious, but anonymous school owls & we will plan our meeting place & time.” Stephanie said thoughtfully.
“Impressive.” Regulus smiled.
“Fine! You have got any better plan. Feel free to share then.” Stephanie snapped.
That sobered Regulus up. Rick however thought it was the only plan they had for the time being.
“Well, we are on our pretence mission then, starting from now.” Rick said in a cheeky voice.
“I’m in” Stephanie said cheerfully stretching his right hand.
“Me too” Rick placed her right palm on Stephanie’s.
“Do I need to say?” smiling, Regulus joined in with his right palm on top of Rick’s.
The three determined & enthusiastic faces were lighten up beautifully with the streaks of the golden twilight, streamed from the large window.

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The Past era...Chapter- VII

The Black Brothers
A muddy Regulus, from head to toe headed towards the castle, after a tedious first Herbology lesson. They had attained it with Hufflepuffs. Prof. Sprout, the head of the Hufflepuff house was their Herbology prof. She was a plump witch, with a patchy robe & short curly grey hair. As soon as they entered the greenhouse one, their 1st year classroom for the lesson, they were greeted enthusiastically by Prof. Sprout. They were asked to work on a particularly small but interesting plant, which, if taken care properly would grow into a very elegant looking mistletoe & would produce a soft tune while wind would ruffle its leaves. The magical plant was called “Chimerry Shimmer”. It was well known for its use in wedding parties or for decorating places in different occasions.
“The full grown plants are not higher than 2 feet from the ground but rather bushy & each one has different colours & shape, depending on the qualities of the seeds & the way they are grown.” declared by Prof. Sprout.
Regulus found them a bit too girlish. For the 1st day’s work, they all had to plant the seed properly & water them continuously. The tricky part is that, the little green seeds were really jumpy & as soon as they came in contact with the soil, they jumped out in different directions in a rather nasty sort of way & that’s why they had to pour water in an attempt to stick the seed to the soil properly. Evidently, that turned out to be the biggest messy event in the hands of the first years. They worked in groups of three & Regulus’s group included Hans & a fearful and slightly harassed Edwin. Edwin seemed like a bit scared being sandwiched between two Slytherins, while one of them was from the Legendary Black family. Regulus tried to make him feel comfortable, but couldn’t managed his best due to the fact that his other partner, Hans, was a true Slytherin & never missed a single opportunity to smirk or sneer at Edwin, who was nothing but a mere Hufflepuff to him & worst of all he was a bit clumsy.
Regulus was glad that the lesson was over. He was starving.
“That was groase.”
Regulus turned to see Hans had caught up with him.
“I am starving. What about you?”
“Yeah , me too.” Regulus replied as he drew his wand from his robe pocket & started to apply a cleaning charm to clean himself from the mud.
“whoa….you know how to do a Scourgify charm…” Hans was amazed.
“Yeah, well…that’s the advantage of being a Black you see…my parents taught me some useful spells at home, though this is my first time with my wand.” He gave a bit stress to utter the word “useful”.
Regulus decided to show off his fellow Slytherins, so that the whole lot of them would think before they would act against him. He grabbed the fact soon enough, that his “Black” surname wouldn’t shield him for long time & to survive in Slytherin house he had to stand up for himself. His situation would turn difficult & not to mention the MOST difficult soon, if he continued to be friendly with a Griffindor & a Ravenclaw. Hence he needed to be feared & admired by his house mates, if he wanted to run the things according to his will.
Entering the castle Hans headed towards his dormitory, while Regulus headed to the great hall for lunch. He spotted Stephanie & Rick at the very instant, sitting & having their lunch at their respective house tables. Both of them beamed at him. With a brief nod to them he went to Slytherin table & sat down alone. Surely he didn’t want another scene like the morning & by the understanding look from his friends he was sure that they didn’t want it either.
The Great hall was buzzing excitedly with the large crowd of students, taking their lunch & chatting happily. Regulus helped himself with some mashed potatoes & kept glancing around the hall.
“No Potter! I won’t marry you. Shove off , before I hex you.” Regulus shot his neck up towards the angry voice & found a very pretty Gryffindor girl with waist length red hair & sparkling green eyes, was on her feet, pointing her wand straight at a Gryffindor boy, with jet black & very untidy black hair, who, as Regulus recognized in an instant was James Potter.
James was on the ground, kneeling before the girl, holding out his hands towards the girl in a perfect proposing posture & seemed like doing his best to confess his undying love for her, but was failing miserably. Sirius was sitting behind him with Remus & a chubby boy. All of them, except Remus were eyeing the situation with great interest & plainly fighting an outburst of laughter while an exasperate Remus buried his nose in a book, in a false pretence to read.
With those words the girl marched off in opposite direction holding her nose high in the air.
“Oi! Evans…wait….” James tried to follow her & in his hasty attempt to get up he tripped over his robe & fell gracelessly on Sirius & Remus, burying Sirius’s face in one of the pudding bowls unintentionally. James although didn’t seem to mind to be the sole reason of Sirius’s immediate ill fate. He, however got up & took his sit beside Sirius facing  Remus.
“Serve you right, for being a help…” James added acidly to Sirius & had earned an immediate blow on his head from Sirius, whose face is dripping vanilla pudding all over the table.
“Git…” murmured James.
“Yeah right…but still it’s always you, Lily wants to get rid off, wants to hex, not to mention wanting to stump you by her feet like a nasty bit of toerag…& still it’s me…a git.” Sirius added sarcastically, maintaining a solemn look in his pudding covered face, which he obviously considered as a graceful way to retort.
“Well, atleast I don’t look like a hair wig, placed on a vanilla icecone AND she thinks about me…” James concluded with a slight triumph in his tone & wiggled his eyebrows frantically to Sirius.
Remus & the other boy, burst out into laughter. Sirius spared a glare at Remus’s direction but however turned to the other boy.
“Find it funny Peter Pettigrew? Then may be I should try this bowl of chocolate pudding on you.” Sirius picked up a bowl. Peter immediately jumped on his foot & Sirius started to laugh as he cleaned his face with a swift ‘Scourgify’ charm & James joined in. Remus shook his head a bit & returned to his book.
Regulus chuckled. He saw that, not only him, but a lot of students were staring at them but none was looking, as if they were watching that encounter for the first time, in fact some of them were staring with high admiration in their eyes but the four of them were just too busy to be bothered by it.
Regulus sighed softly. ‘Well, atleast he is happy here, away from the black house which is literally black…’ thought Regulus. He suddenly made a decision, that he just wouldn’t let his brother think that he was one of the rest of Blacks. He would tell him about his sorting. He would tell him that he was like his brother & the fact that he was quite thrilled to be the one like him. He looked over the Gryffindor table again & searched for an opportunity to speak to his brother alone. Although he liked James & Remus a lot, but still it didn’t seem like a good idea to talk to Sirius in front of them. Besides, they two were not the only ones to be there, but the table was sort of overflowing with Gryffindors by the time.
‘If only Sirius can go out for a bit, may be to his dorm or …’ Regulus thought with a desperation “….may be to boy’s bathroom.”
Suddenly he saw Sirius leaned against the table & the other three heads were leaned in too. He whispered something under his breath & got up swiftly from his place & started walking towards the giant staircase, just outside the great Hall.
Regulus couldn’t believe in his luck & his heart leapt joyfully, as he too stood up & made to follow him.
Sirius was moving quickly through the staircase, which was almost empty as most of the students & teachers were in the great hall, at the middle of their meals. 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor…Sirius made an abrupt halt. With a quick glance in left & right direction he went straight to an ancient looking statue, at the base of which “Merrypie Shunpaul, 860 BC- 1000BC, Witch of metal charm”, these words were etched with golden ink. The statue was situated at the furthest corner of the floor. Sirius bent down & pulled out his wand.
“Sirius.” Sirius jumped & turned around in alarm. He expected a teacher or worse, the caretaker Filtch but found his younger brother was standing there.
“What the hell…I mean… Regulus?”
 Regulus noticed that Sirius didn’t call him “Reg” but let out a formal “Regulus”. He flinched inwardly but didn’t show it on his face.
“I want to talk to you” Regulus said in a calm voice, although his inside was waiting impatiently to see his brother’s happy reaction at the words he was about to say. He wanted the familiar warmth in his brother’s voice for him once again.
“wanna talk? To me?  Why? You have got loads of Slytherin mates for that. Haven’t you? Oh, I see… you want a mentor I guess…well, you’ve got plenty of those too… Bellatrix, Narcissa… very dignified Blacks you see & will be perfect for a Slytherin firstie.” Sirius hissed venomously.
“What? No…no…I…”
But before Regulus could say anything Sirius cut in,
“Well, I must say…you are a particular good Slytherin & already has got a knack of setting traps…I thought she was your friend, Regulus …but NO, to you she was a Gryffindor & you’ve decided to invite her over Slytherin right in front of that hag’s wand point in her very first day.” Sirius spat.
Regulus’s eyes went wide in shock.
“No Sirius, I did invite her & Rick, but I was so pissed off & just wanted to….”
“Have some fun?” supplied Sirius.
“Yeah…NO… not in that way, but…I mean, I wanted to talk…” Regulus stuttered.
“Well, of course not, it would have been funny to you if you saw them to be hexed, isn’t it?” Sirius’s eyes flashed dangerously.
“NO. Siri please listen…”
“If it was some other first year, I would’ve straight jinxed him. I’ve spared you for the first & last time Regulus. Next time I won’t see you as my brother. In fact, from now on, I have no brother.I am done with all pure blood maniacs.” Sirius virtually shouted out & piercing Regulus with a glance of anger & hatred, he stormed away from that place.
Regulus couldn’t find any answer to the series of verbal blows, he received from his brother. His head mind went blank out of shock & he just stood there, wide eyed & with a vacant expression in his face.

Friday, November 12, 2010

From the past era... Chapter-VI

Chapter – VI
The “LUMOS” Charm
The ground outside looked green & was bathed in a golden sunlight. A faint streak of sunlight illuminated the dark brown panel of the large window of the ancient charm classroom, just beside the sit. A small wooden hut was in view with a slender wisp of flameless smoke, curling up from the very chimney of that hut. The occupant of the hut is Hagrid, the giant man, who rescued the first years from the train & lead them to the Hogwarts castle through a traditional boat ride. He was coming out of his hut & was going towards the vegetable patch, just right side of the hut. The vegetable patch looked a bit unusual, there were pumpkin like orange orbs, scattered everywhere, along with occasional patches of green plants & some unusual looking reddish carrot like structures. Those orange orbs were simply enormous in size, seemed like a right size pumpkin for a giant man like Hagrid.
“Fang …oi …careful you don’ wanna trod over them now…ca’ful.” Hagrid bellowed as a big dog came out of the hut, minutes later & followed Hagrid, wagging its tail frantically. Hagrid leaned down & patted the dog on its head, made the dog growl loudly.
“AAh Goo’boy Fang.” Hagrid said affectionately & immediately slipped in a particular nasty bit of dung & ended up flat on his back on the field, smashing two of the pumpkins beneath himself. He swore loudly. Regulus chuckled.
“Mr. Black. What exactly do you find so very amusing?” prof. Flitwick, the charm professor floated to him. He was a tiny professor, hardly taller than 3 and a half feet from the ground & always preferred to perform a particular impressing bit of “levito Floata” charm on himself so that he could float & monitor the class from a good height, during his lessons. He happened to be the head of the Ravenclaw House, as Regulus remembered being told at the beginning of the class, this morning. Prof. Flitwick was good known for his nice & cheerful mood.
Regulus jumped & unintentionally knocked the inkpot on his desktop. With a casual flick of his wand Flitwick cleared of the mess almost immediately. Regulus looked apologetically to the prof. & said nothing.
“Pay attention please.” With these words prof. Flitwick floated away towards his teaching desk. Regulus sighed in relief. He glanced around the class. This was his first class in Hogwarts. “Charms” Slytherin & Gryffindor together. He was sitting with the boy from his dorm, who shouted at both of him & Aelger earlier in the morning. His name was Huncel Nueduck but preferred to be called as Hans. He saw Aelger smirked audibly as prof. Flitwick floated away. Regulus was a bit too occupied with him to actually bother it. He looked away from him & before fixing his gaze towards the prof., for a brief moment he searched for Stephanie in the classroom. He found her within a moment, sitting with a very pretty & blonde Gryffindor girl on the second bench & was surprised to see that she was staring at his direction. As soon as their eyes met, Stephanie hastily turned her gaze to look at prof. Flitwick. Regulus frowned. He couldn’t figure out the look in Stephanie’s eyes. But there was something in the stare that made him feel unsure. He didn’t know whether it was pity or loathing or if possible may be concern. But it was definitely not a blank one. He didn’t feel like talking to her since the event of the great hall. He didn’t dare to ask what his brother & his Gryffindor mates told her & Rick, in the fear of hearing something negative. Well, who was he kidding? That’s bound to be NEGATIVE. He was a Slytherin, a sly Slytherin & he knew perfectly well that his brother loathed this house the most & when his brother met his eyes, for the first time, after his sorting, as he remembered earlier this morning, that one look, devoid of its usual warmth & recognition told him clearly that his brother also became distant with him.
’He probably thought that I am going to be turned out like the rest of the noble Black family.’ thought Regulus sadly. But he had no choice. Now he was almost certain that Stephanie & Rick might want to end their friendship with him. He seemed to like both of them & started to think them as his friends. ‘So foolish of me’, he thought. But with this sadness he discovered that he liked a Gryffindor & a Ravenclaw in the first place, not a Slytherin & before the great hall incident, both of them probably thought him as their friend too. He inwardly felt good that he was more like his brother than the rest of the family. A smile crossed his face at this very thought & feeling light he concentrated on his lesson.
“Now students, if you pair up, we can practice the “LUMOS” charm with our wands & I want two pairs in each row….settle down now quickly quickly… ” Prof. Flitwick monitored the class, as the whole class moved to find their partners. Regulus automatically turned to Hans. Before he could ask Hans, he got heavily interrupted by a figure with a lot of wild shoulder length black hair, which took a slight reddish brown colour as sunlight fell on them. Stephanie settled down beside him & gave him a quick smile.
“You want to be my partner.” Regulus sounded surprised.
“Why? Is there a problem? ” Stephanie’s eyes were fixed on Regulus.
“No… of course not…I thought you might have…”
“And why do I have problem?” Stephanie sensed the unsaid word of Regulus.
“Oh! Come off it Steph! Have you forgotten the great hall incident?” Regulus was carefully avoiding her eyes, which were uncharacteristically intense.
“In fact, I so haven’t. But that’s not your fault. You didn’t insult me. It was that complete cow Bellatrix.” 
“Well…” Regulus looked up before continuing “…she gave you the idea of a true Slytherin & perhaps, I don’t know…. what Sirius might have said to you after…”
“Oh, did she? I was under the impression that you gave me the idea of a good friend, Slytherin or not, I honestly couldn’t care less. I have my own mind to think you know & I can judge pretty well. So if you are finished with your idiotic blabbing can we please proceed to learn the charm or I rather say, can I help you with the charm as I am sure that you haven’t listed to a word of prof. Flitwick & know nothing about the theory part too.” Stephanie stopped to take a sharp breath.
Regulus felt warm & light inside. But still he asked, rather stupidly though, “What about Rick?”
Steph raised an eyebrow. “What about her?”
“Er… does she think like you too?”
“Hmmm… let’s see…” Stephanie made a mock thinking face “…Well, I am afraid that she will continue to bother you all along & you will have to deal with her usual annoyance for a long long time.”
Regulus positively beamed & at last he felt the enormous pressure, tightened across his chest loosened its grip & that at last he could breathe freely again. He had smiled a true smile, that he hadn’t, since he set foot in Hogwarts.
“Thank you…both of you.” He mumbled.
“I won’t say you’re welcome” Stephanie winked at him smiling.
Then they both concentrated on the charm & Regulus found to his astonishment that without knowing the theory & just knowing the incantation of the spell he managed to conjure a successful “LUMOS” charm. He turned to see that Stephanie too was successful in conjuring the charm & a beautiful soft light had been issued from both of their wand tips, illuminating the surroundings. Stephanie’s light was bright silver with a soft blue tint & his own “LUMOS” was a  golden light with a fiery reddish glow in it.
“Whoa…see Steph I’ve done it without your help.” Regulus said happily.
“Hmmm…you think so?”
“Yeah…why …you don’t? You haven’t told me any theory. All you did, to come here & made me feel better & well…happy. What is its theory anyway?”
Stephanie smiled, “Just that.”
“Just that? Means…. making me feel me better…?” Regulus looked confused.
“And clearing your mind.” Stephanie concluded.
“Ah! Got it. Brilliant” Regulus exclaimed with pleasure.
It was only a few of them in the class, who had successfully conjured the “LUMOS” charm and Regulus was delighted to see that Aelger was not among them. He further noticed that each person’s “LUMOS” had got a different colour in it. At the end of the lesson, only five students have managed to master the lighting spell followed by the extinguish spell “NOX” , which extinguished the light from their wand tip & each had earned ten points for their respective houses including Regulus & Stephanie, which made both of them even happier & they left the classroom together. It was Herbology for Regulus & Transfiguration for Stephanie. So At the second floor corridor  He bade her goodbye & headed towards the greenhouse, outside the castle, for his first Herbology lesson.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

From the past era... Chapter- V

Chapter V
The first row
Regulus woke up next morning, as a soft heat touched his face gently. He opened his eyes & blinked several times, as the room around him came slowly into focus. For a moment, he was wondering that where was he, as he couldn’t find his familiar bed , the familiar ceiling & the familiar room of the Black Manor, in which he grew up. Then he remembered that he had left that manor behind & already had taken his first step towards his independent world, “Hogwarts”. He sat up on his bed & looked around his dorm. Last night he was just too tired to observe the room, where he would be spending the most of his time for the next seven years.
His bed was at a far end of the room, just beside a large window. The window is glowing brightly, offering a faint bluish tinge through the ancient wooden frame of it. He got up, moved towards the window & intended to take a view outside.
 “Whoa…”, a soft cry emerged from him as he peered through the window. He saw nothing but a clear blue sparkling water outside. Fishes of different sizes & shapes were flowing gently. Their bodies were illuminated & sparkled in many colours. He also saw one or two slimey creatures having a blob like head & sickly tangled many legs, swam crossed the windows. He looked down through the window & saw ghostly brown soil was situated all over the place & different plants grew steadily from here & there. All the plants were light & fragile looking without a strong trunk or a strong base but they didn’t need one as they were simply floating upwards from the point, where they were clutching the soil with their roots. Regulus glanced upwards through the window & saw a bright ball of light, gently floating above. Its edges got blurred in now and then gently as the water broke it’s stillness in every now an then. He just stared & then slowly realized that, the orb of light is nothing but sun & that he was looking at it from underwater. As soon as this thought struck him, he realized that the soft heat that filled the bed & earlier, touched his skin gently to wake him up was nothing but the sunray, filtered through the clear, cold mass of water. He closed his eyes & was feeling the gentle tenderness of the scene.
“Oh! You are awake.”
Regulus jumped out & turned around.
“Er…Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”  the boy smirked.
Regulus ignored the apology & frowned. He didn’t like the tone of the boy. He watched him as he slid down from his bed, which was situated after two beds from his own and made his way towards him.
“I am Wattley…Aelger Wattley” & he stretched out his hand.
“I am Regulus Black” , Regulus shook the offered hand unwillingly.
“Aha, Black. An extremely pure bloodline. Of course I’ve heard about your ancient & noble background. All of your family turned out to be most decent & not to mention most acceptable to the wizarding world.” The boy continued with fierce pride in his eyes “…Just like my family…the family of Wattley. But of course you’ve heard about the name too.” The boy threw an expectant glance towards Regulus, that made Regulus shift uncomfortably. Regulus hadn’t heard that surname before but he didn’t want to say it.
“Er…” Regulus began but got cut immediately by Aelger, who seemed to take his ‘Er…’ as a positive ‘yes’.
“Well, at last we’ve made it to Slytherin, the only…” He deliberately put the effort in the last word ”…noble house, left in Hogwarts. My parents will be proud of me.” He stopped to take a deep breath as if to celebrate a kind of triumph.
Regulus was wishing wholeheartedly to leave his present company, as more & more time passed, the boy appealed more & more unpleasant to him.
“Your parents will be proud of you too, as I hope. After all, not all of their kids go rotten. I mean unlike your brother, who turned out to be a biggest humiliation & rotten case… ”
Suddenly, a hot anger boiled up through Regulus, he jerked his head towards Aelger & locked his eyes with him with a fierce angry glare in them.
“SHUT UP ABOUT MY BROTHER. DON”T YOU DARE TO CALL HIM NAMES.” Regulus yelled. His face was red with anger, jaws clenched.
Aelger fell silent out of shock. He looked at the angry feature of Regulus & actually took a step back from him. But he was not the ‘I apologies’  kind of guy. So within a moment he gathered himself together & wore the usual smirking expression just like the time he left his bed.
“Huh! And what are you going to do about it Black, brother of vernim?” Wattley sneered.
Regulus started towards Wattley with clenched fists. Suddenly, two arms grabbed him from two sides. He turned to see that two of the boys of his own dormitory have woken up & they were trying to force him back from Aelger. He turned his glance towards Aelger & found that he too was grabbed from behind by the third boy. They both were so engaged with each other that they didn’t even notice the appearance of the other three dorm mates of them until that point of time. Both were struggling against their bindings but remained unsuccessful.
“Give it a rest, you two, unless you want to earn some detention on the first day of your school.” The boy from Regulus’s right side blurted out.
Detention seemed like to be a too much of a price to pay in the first day. So both the boys stopped struggling.
“He started it…” Aelger shouted. Regulus almost melted him with his fierce glare.
“We don’t care, who started it Aelger, but we want it to be finished now or you’ll be in trouble, both of you.” The boy from the right side of Regulus shouted again.
“Fine” Regulus shouted back as he pulled himself free from the grips of the two boys & marched towards his trunk & found three new sets of Slytherin hemmed robes & green- silver ties were kept neatly on the top of the trunk. He grabbed one of them & dressed in a top speed, grabbed his school bag & then left the dorm room without any backward glance.
He entered in the common room & found that some elder students were sitting here & there, doing homeworks, chatting warily or just stretching & yawning before making their way to the great hall for the morning breakfast.
He silently made his way through the entrance wall towards the great hall.
Entering the great hall, he looked around. He was a bit early he guessed, as the hall is pretty empty except for a few students, scattered here & there eating their breakfast lazily. He moved towards the Slytherin table & settled himself down. He noticed that in the morning, the ceiling, no longer reflecting the outside sky but remained as a normal ceiling. He noticed that like the slytherin table, each table has got their own symbol etched on the top of it. Hufflepuff’s, a black  badger against a yellow Hogwarts symbol, Ravenclaw’s, a bronze Eagle against the blue Hogwarts symbol & the Gryffindor’s , a majestic golden Lion against the fiery red Hogwarts symbol. Looking at the golden lion in the Gryffindor table Regulus spotted Stephanie, sitting their alone & eating her breakfast quietly.
“Oi Stephanie! ” Stephanie looked up & found Regulus was waving at her & gesturing towards the empty sit beside him. Smiling, Stephanie stood up with her tray & went to his table & took her place beside him.
“So, had a nice sleep?” Regulus asked. He wanted some normal conversation desperately as the morning’s fight disturbed him to the root.
“Um..not bad. What about you?” Stephanie yawned widely.
“Not bad either.” & then after watching yawning Stephanie he added “Looks like you can do a bit more sleep.”
“Oh! I am never a morning person. Besides, last night, We were up until midnight, chatting & then fell asleep. I’ve got four dorm mates, Ailith, Daisy, Ivy & Annis. They are really nice & all are excited to be here. ”
“Where are they?”
“In the bed I guess. I tried to wake them up & have earned myself a flow of some excellent swear words.” Stephanie smiled.
“But I do hope they hurry up & come down now. Surely, they don’t want to be late for their lessons.” She finished, casting an eager glance at the door.
“So, what about you? Have you made some friends?” Stephanie asked, turning to Regulus.
Regulus sighed. “No, but have made an enemy for certain.” Regulus muttered.
“How come?”
“Well, a boy name Aelger Wattlay in our dorm called Sirius names & …”
“Hello you two.” Both Stephanie & Regulus turned around to find a smiling Rick, standing  behind them.
“Hello Rick.” Stephanie said brightly as Rick took her sit on the other side of Regulus.
“I said HELLO Reg.” Regulus looked at her with a kind of disbelief in his eyes.
“REG?” He said.
“Yes, Reg. Someone told me at the train that nicknames are to be picked by others so for that person I picked this name. Nice & short & less unnatural. Isn’t it Stephanie?” Rick innocently looked at Stephanie with a solemn face.
Stephanie bit her lip to control the laughter & nodded delivering an equal solemn expression.
Regulus tried to look outraged but couldn’t manage it & after a few seconds, he burst out in laughing. Rick & Stephanie joined in whole heartedly. Three of them threw their heads back as the laughter issued continuously from them like anything.
“You are….” Regulus started, looking at Rick, eyes watering with the force of his own laughter “…impossible.” He finished.
“Aha! Reg & Rick nice nicky namies for two ickle firsties…” uttering this, Stephanie rolled down in laughter.
“What are you laughing at” Rick said suddenly, pointing at Stephanie. Stephanie raised her eyebrows. “I have got one for you as well…a step with a ‘H’ that is STEPH.”
“Ah, I like mine. Not really weird.” Stephanie said happily & all three were continuing their laughing.
“What on earth these two little Gryffindor & Ravenclaw toerags are doing in our decent table?” A voice sharp as a knife & cold as ice shot out from behind the three.
Stephanie, Rick & Regulus whipped around. To his utter disgust, Regulus found Bellatrix Black was standing there with a twisted cold sneer all over her face.
“Ah! What a start of a day, as our table already got contaminated with these little red & blue germs.” Bellatrix smiled unpleasantly.
“Oh! No look it’s my fault. I invited them over here.” Regulus tried to save his two friends.
Bellatrix took no notice of his words but continuing eyeing Stephanie with great interest in her eyes.
“Ah! A Greene, don’t tell me you’re the abandoned Greene.”
Stephanie flushed scarlet & glared back at Bellatrix, with utmost fury in her eyes. Regulus was surprised to see Stephanie like that. Rick however muttered something about not knowing the rule of & tugged the sleeve of Stephanie in the intention to leave the table.
“Don’t be a fool. Come on.” Rick whispered behind her. But Stephanie didn’t move but continue to glare.
Bellatrix was thoroughly enjoying the scene & she beckoned another Slytherin girl.
“Look Cissy, what we have got today. A Greene, abandoned Greene, wants so deperately to taste a bit of royalty & glory that she dared to come down here to contaminate the place with the touch of her dirty skin, not to mention dirty blood.”
Cissy, who is none other than Bellatrix’s elder sister Narcissa Black laughed out loud.
“ooooooo look at her, glaring at us, I am petrified.” Sneered Narcissa.
Regulus desperately looked around for any sign of teachers, but found none in vicinity. Stephanie was actually shaking with anger. She started towards Bellatrix with a mad look in her eyes. Rick was restraining her from moving forwards but was unsuccessful by so far.
“oooo want to hit me?” Bellatrix showed a mock fear. She quickly scanned her vicinity for any sign of teachers as she drew her wand.
“It is time I teach you a bit something now. Something like respect Slytherin seniors…” Bellatrix pointed her wand towards Stephanie.
“STUPIFY” She yelled. A flash of red light issued from the tip of her wand. But immediately another yell, “PROTEGO” & a white shield had been formed between Stephanie, Rick & Bellatrix. The read light was bounced of from the surface of the white shield.
Regulus spun around to see the caster of the later shield charm & found Sirius was standing there with his wand held high.
“Ah! You need to be a bit more faster Bella. You need to work on your reflexes, too slow I must say.” Sirius said sarcastically moving forward & bodily shielding Rick & Stephanie from Bellatrix & Narcissa. Bellatrix’s lips curled out of disgust & anger.
“Don’t you tell me about my reflexes SIRIUS, you filth, you….such a stain in noble Black family.”
Sirius raised an eyebrow.
“Noble? mean noble? & jinxing a wandless first year with a stunning spell enhance such nobility of yours I guess.Honestly Bella, I am proud to be the pure & white stain against such a noble lurking murky Black.”
Bellatrix’s eyes narrowed but Narcissa this time took charge & with a loathing in her face she placed her hand on Bellatrix’s shoulder, eyeing Sirius. 
“Show respect to seniors, Sirius” Narcissa said in her steely voice.
“I must ask then, have you earned it?” Sirius replied smoothly.
“Oi, What’s happening?” James Potter arrived at the scene & with a quick glance at the scene he seemed to understand the situation & quickly side with Sirius, drawing his own wand.
“Ah Potter…another…” But Bellatrix got cut in as prof. Mcgonagall swept her way towards the Slytherin table.
“What on earth do you think you are doing, making such a racket in the middle of the great hall?” Prof. Mcgonagall demanded in a dangerous voice.
But without waiting for any answer she said, “Mr.Potter, Miss Black & Miss Black & Mr. Black…” then with a glance at Regulus she added “I mean Mr. Sirius Black, I want four of you tonight a sharp eight in my office for detention.” & she departed without another word.
“That’s so not fair.I haven’t even said anything this time.” James said indignantly as soon as prof. Mcgonagall left.
Sirius dragged Stephanie & Rick by the end of their scarfs & with a last furious glance at the Black sisters he left towards the Gryffindor table, followed by James. Regulus stood there without knowing what to do. He glanced at the Gryffindor table, where his brother along with his mates James & Remus & another short plump boy with mousy hair, were saying something to Rick & Stephanie & pointing at the Slytherin table. Both were nodding silently & Stephanie was rather pink in face, not looking anywhere but at her shoes. For a brief moment, when Sirius glanced again towards Slytherin table his eyes met with Regulus’s. Regulus tried to smile, but to his surprise Sirius looked away from him almost instantly without giving any sign of warmness or recognition. Regulus sat there silently as the morning owl post had started to come to great hall with a whoosh.